Create Rubber Stamp Designs from Doodles

Trace Example

Once you have the proper computer design file, you can send it to a stamp maker to create stamps from your own hand drawn designs.

Here’s what you need to draw your own designs for custom rubber stamps:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Inkscape Program (free graphics software)

Step 1:  Make the Doodles!

I doodled up the man in the moon, an alien, planet, a sheep and some stars in a night sky design.


The tea is Earl Grey. For those who are curious.

Step 2:  Once you have the doodles drawn, snap a photo of the doodles and get the photo on your computer.

I used my phone for the photos, and then emailed them to myself.

Step 3:  Import the photo into Inkscape to “trace” the photo into a vector.  The trace is explain in step 4.

If you need to download and install Inkscape, click here.  It’s a great program for making digital vector artwork!

Inkscape Stamp Doodles

Step 4:  With your image in inkscape, click “Path” in the menu, and then “Trace Bitmap…”.  Make sure you have click on the image first.

Step 5:  A box will pop up called “Trace Bitmap”.  Simply click “OK”.


Step 6:  You will see the new vector trace!   It might not look amazing, but you can retrace and change the Threshold settings in the pop up box to get a clearer trace.

Step 7:  Now you can play with the vector designs in inkscape  :)

night time drawing

You can download and use my doodles in this tutorial for free (for non-commercial purposes).

Step 8:  Finally, you can send your designs off to a stamp maker to be made into custom stamps!

Cheers!  :)

Rubber Stamps in the Kitchen



Stamp paper bags for cookies, bread, and pastries.



Stamp place-settings for dinners and events.



A simple stamp adds a lovely touch to tags that you might attach to your cake boxes and such.



Having a crawdad boil?  Stamp the invites you send out!



The French & Gourmet food have long had a close relationship.  This stamp was designed on that whim :)